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An Interview with Breanna Brinkley of On The Brink Nutrition

"Give us this day our daily bread."

Matthew 6:11 NKJV

I love Jesus and I'm passionate about food! Turns out I'm not the only one. For this first of a series on Faith Food and Fellowship, I'm thrilled to feature Breanna Brinkley of On The Brink Nutrition. Breanna infuses self-worth, God’s love for you, and value revolution when implementing health from eating and taking care of yourself as God intended us to do with food, faith, and fitness. Breanna shares how God provides for us with the gift of food and how we can use this gift to enhance our lives and the lives of others.

Q. In what ways are you passionate about food?

A. I am a registered dietitian nutritionist, I made my entire career about food! I love how food can heal the body, I love how it brings people together to fellowship, I love how it brings memories of childhood! When done right, food is wonderful to obsess about!

Q. What is your favorite meal of the day and why?

A. I love brunch! I sound like such a millennial when I say that lol but it’s a perfect time to go to a restaurant after church with friends and family and share and converse about the sermons, about faith, enjoying each other while eating the best food breakfast AND lunch have to offer!

Q. What is your ideal dining experience?

A. Family style plant-based foods with many people who want to learn how to be healthy but didn’t know that plant-based foods could taste so good! Many people think of vegan as salads, raw veggies, and bland foods! But there are so many good recipes out there for everyone to try and anything that you can eat with dairy, eggs, and meat... we’ve made a vegan version.

Q. What rituals or habits do you have that enhance your meals?

A. Intuitive eating. Listening to when my body is full, asking myself am I eating out of boredom, am I emotionally eating, just being in tune with my body.

Q. Do you have a pantry meal you keep on hand to serve an unexpected guests?

A. I always have quinoa, some type of beans, and veggies where I can whip up some Chili for anybody.

Q. Is there anything else regarding faith, food or fellowship that you would like to share?

A. Your health is a gift. Be obedient to God by taking care of your body and eating things that will help your body repair itself. God provided us with all of these great foods on the earth and we have lost our way of eating what God produced from the earth and we eat man-made, science made foodlike products and we wonder why our health is so poor.

Many thanks to Breanna for taking the time to share her wisdom. I gained some awesome takeaways related to faith, food, and fellowship.

Takeaway #1, Faith: Eating well is a way to be obedient to God and care for your body!

Takeaway #2, Food: Even dietitians love brunch!

Takeaway #3, Fellowship: Food is great for bringing people together!

What takeaway are you most excited about and how you put the knowledge into action? Please share in the comments below.

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