Outfit Your Sleep Haven

with these three sleep enhancing products

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A well-enhanced sleep haven improves your ability to be productive yet calm. Here are three sleeping products to keep your spirit, mind, and body healthy and happy.

Journaling at any time helps you get clarity in your life and tap into truths that may not be readily apparent. Journaling before bed allows you to clear your mind by putting the thoughts on paper. Just write down whatever comes into your head, including writing down crucial things that happened as well as things that were not a big deal. Writing this way is a great stress reliever.

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Adding aromatherapy is an essential part of the overall plan for sleep and relaxation. My go-to sleep diffuser blend is a drop of peppermint oil with two drops of lavender. The peppermint helps to open the airways to let the lavender in to do its work of helping the body relax. Lavender can also be inhaled from the bottle, applied to the sheets, or mixed with your non-scented body lotion. Using a blend like the Amrita stress will further simplify your life by removing the need for mixing oils. Click the link below and be sure to use the coupon code HTLMR for 20% off your purchase.

When considering sheets, chose natural fibers for your bedding to help regulate your body temperature. Adding a weighted blanket can make the difference between feeling rested and tossing and turning. Weighted blankets are light and comfortable yet offer extra support for solid sleep. Use it all night, and you will feel more energized as the day goes on, too.

What is your favorite sleep-enhancing product? Please comment below.