The Secret to Using Your Senses to

Illuminate Joy

...and create a great day

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I once had a fitness instructor come into class super excited because she'd been having a fabulous day. She asked the class if any of us had ever had a fantastic day. I thought to myself "Yes, and I deserve another one. Tomorrow I'm going to have an awesome day." The next day was, in fact, spectacular for me.

On another occasion after a routine business encounter with a client, I said in parting "Have a fabulous weekend!". He responded, "Well I don't know how fabulous it will be, but it will be a weekend." I found it odd as though he was refusing the gift of a wonderful weekend.

It makes me curious as to what we may miss in life by not asking for or receiving blessings that are available to us. Are you ready to ask for and receive a great day? Energy follows intention and with the intention to have a great day you’ve set yourself up for success. Now slow down, use your senses, be present and enjoy all that the day brings you.

Create a Great Day with 5 Simple Ways to Illuminate Joy


Consider starting the day with aromatherapy, try peppermint or sweet orange to get you energized for the day. Enjoy the smell of bacon and coffee. Breathe deeply, when you step outside does it smell like rain, cut grass or just fresh air? Give thanks, for the sense of smell, and the ability to move and the opportunity to get out of the house.


Put down your device and listen to your significant other, your child, your co-worker, or your BFF. Listen to the sounds of nature, the wind or the birds when you step outside. Make a joyful noise, listen to music and dare to sing in the car during your commute.


Appreciate the humanity of those you encounter, look them in the eye and let them see your smile. You’ve said “yes” to having a great day, continue to say yes! Say yes to the invitation to take a walk with a friend or attend an event. Say yes to the person in need whether they are a friend or stranger. Fellowship and helping others will certainly intensify your joy.


Take time to chew your food and appreciate the flavors. Now is the time to try a new herb or spice. Be especially mindful of what you’re putting in your body and seek the freshest most flavorful options. Eating whole foods as opposed to casseroles or processed foods will be most stimulating to your taste buds.


Don’t just smell the roses; touch them too! Wear something made of natural fibers and enjoy the feeling on your body. During your self-care routine, exfoliate, moisturize, and feel the softness of your skin. Spend time petting your dog or cat. Hug someone!

Enjoy the blessing of your natural senses and use them to illuminate your joy. Your intention will allow you to create a great day.