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    Believer, Happy Wife, Author, and Speaker

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    I'm Theresa

    My father was in Divinity School when I was born, and I wonder about the Word I heard while in the womb. Growing up, my parents taught me that Jesus loved me, and I believed it. Thanks to them, I developed and enjoyed a personal relationship with Christ as a child. I still believe that Jesus loves me, a love that I have known for as long as I can remember.


    Several years ago, I shared a story of faith with my church congregation. It made me hungry to share more. Shortly after that, I had an opportunity to write a book. I authored It’s All About Food: Lessons in Fellowshipping Daily with Christ ​to share the simplicity and joy of daily inviting Christ into every aspect of life.


    I have learned that spiritual laws are always in effect regardless of location or season of growth. Because of that, I started this blog founded on the virtues of the Proverbs 31 woman. I want to encourage Christian women to put their faith into action daily, enabling them to harness spiritual laws and exponentially increasing their joy and good success.


    I hope you use this blog for encouragement and inspiration to live the Proverbs 31 life. In this space, I simplify the Christian experience from guilt-laden regulations to proactive life-enhancing action steps. Think of me as an insightful personal stylist for your heart because empowerment is supernatural, not superficial.

  • Some Fun Facts About Theresa

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    She is a quiet but not shy, goody two-shoe daughter of a preacher. Yet, she likes Captain Morgan and cheats on him with Tito.

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    English was her least favorite subject in high school, and she vividly remembers crying in the counselor's office because she struggled with writing. Nevertheless, she has authored two books and blogs regularly.

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    She does not understand the concept of a vacation. As an introvert and homebody, she is content spending time off doing things domestic and watching movies.