Make 2023 A Year of Living Intentionally

A Word of the Year Brings The Seasons Into Focus

If you seek to live the year ahead with intention, I encourage you to consider a word of the year. I hope you will consider my testimony as an inspiration to take action in this direction.

One of the nicest compliments I have received is that I live my life with intention. Generally, this intention involves vision boards and a list of dreams and goals. In 2022, I simplified it with a word of the year. The word that I used was rooted. Inspired by a blog post by Maree Dee, I also came up with the phrase I am deeply rooted in Him. The results of having this word allowed me to put God first in all my endeavors.

I said I am deeply rooted in Him.

Father God gave me the primary scripture for my word.

"My counsel for you is simple and straightforward: Just go ahead with what you’ve been given. You received Christ Jesus, the Master; now live him. You’re deeply rooted in him. You’re well constructed upon him. You know your way around the faith. Now do what you’ve been taught. School’s out; quit studying the subject and start living it! And let your living spill over into thanksgiving."

- Colossians 2:6-7 MSG

My prayer was to let my life be a praise offering to the Lord. I was struggling with the fine line between being content rather than settling. This scripture reminded me that I needed to move forward to be and do all that Father God planned for me.

As part of living in Him, Father God led me to lean into the seasons He created to get into a flow and rhythm with Him. He gave me a scripture and intention for each season. The deeper dive into the scriptures helped me become rooted as I learned more about Father God.

I said I am deeply rooted in Him.

In the winter, God led me to Isaiah 55:10-11. My prayer was to focus on doing the work to make my life flourish.

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I said I am deeply rooted in Him.

In the spring, I asked God for rain based on Zechariah 10:1. I prayed for growth and renewal along with wisdom and guidance in every aspect of my life. Father God sent the rain, and I experienced incredible blessings.

I said I am deeply rooted in Him.

In the summer, God gave me the scripture Proverbs 10:5. My summer was about giving thanks for the wisdom and energy to gather and store up per His will.

I said I am deeply rooted in Him.

In the fall, Father God reminded me of Galatians 6:9, a scripture I frequently go to when I feel worn out or like I am not seeing the progress I want quickly enough. I recommitted to showing up vibrant, energetic, and enthusiastic for the work Father God has assigned me.

I said I am deeply rooted in Him.

In 2022 I have been blessed to learn more about my Heavenly Father. He has shown me new ways to lean on Him and trust Him. He has helped me develop the habit of actually putting Him first. He has taught me to use the Word to pray better and live with expectations. He has taught me that with the commands and duties, He provides everything needed to bring His will to pass. I thank God for the plan He had for me this year.

He has a plan for you too. Maybe a word of the year is part of that plan. It can help you create authentic synergy with Father God that will lead you where you should go and bring out the best in you to impact those around you. As the new year fast approaches, I encourage you to consider a word of the year. It can add the structure and intention to your life that you may be missing. You can have significant results from making that day-to-day choice to pave the way for something more remarkable in 2023.

Therefore I'd like to invite you to the Word of the Year Workshop. If you want help developing your word or putting your word to work, seven women, including myself, have come together to help you seek God’s guidance in finding your word of the year.‎ We’ll also share tangible ways to keep your word top of mind. Join us for the Word of the Year Workshop today.