Sweeter than Honey

Book Review

Get curious and study the Word of God.

Many, if not all Christians, have it in mind to read the entire Bible. Many years ago, I read the whole Bible, and it was educational and beneficial for me. Yet, the goal is not just about reading the Bible; it is getting to know God and the depths of His love through His Word. It’s about studying and communing and savoring the Word. *Sweeter than Honey: A 365-Day Devotional Journey is a tool to help set the stage for this type of Bible study. The devotional is a Bible study plan created for studying the Word. It is a textbook of sorts with study motivation tools, and it will help you deepen your relationship with Father God.

How sweet are Your words to my taste,
Sweeter than honey to my mouth!

- Psalm 119:103 NKJV

A Bible Study Plan

Daily time in the Word is the type of study Patsy Burnette had in mind when she created her Bible study plan. Patsy is the author of this astounding devotional. I’ve only been acquainted with her for a short period and only in the virtual realm. Yet, she’s been such a wonderful mentor and blessing to me. Her love of God and desire to share that love with fellow Christians are apparent throughout her book.

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Created to study the Word

Sweeter than Honey is a laid out in order of book authorship. The devotional provides a behind-the-scenes look at each author. Then it gives insight into the time and people impacted during the writing of each book. Patsy includes additional tools to go deeper into the Word incorporating exercises, journal prompts, and prayers. The information and the points to remember caused me to become more curious. As a result, I found myself studying the Word instead of just reading it.

A textbook of sorts

The book itself is enormous, similar to a college textbook. In its way, it is a textbook, and if you judge by the size alone, it could be a bit intimidating. Take the time to look inside and go through this study, and you’ll find it’s written in an easy-to-read and friendly manner. It provides the Biblical and historical data and then offers takeaways to make the Word real in our lives today. I especially like the devotional reading based on 2 Kings:1-4, when Patsy tells us: “She [the Shunammite woman] did not ask her friends how to fix the problem – she went quickly and straight to the one who she knew could help her.” (September 5, page 306) Then Patsy reminds us that Father God calls us to act in that same manner today.

Study motivation tools

Imagine this type of study and communing with Father God daily. It can be a reality in your life with the study motivation tools Patsy has lovingly created. I highly recommend Sweeter than Honey: A 365-Day Devotional Journey. It is available on Amazon, but do more than purchase the book; use it!

I received a copy of this book from the publisher. All opinions are my own.