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    to put your faith into action

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    Roadmap to Calm

    When your mind is full of activity, it's easy to feel like you have too much on your plate. Sometimes the best way to tackle a challenge is to find a way to make it easier. That's what the Roadmap to Calm does — make it easier to prioritize, plan, and coordinate to make sure you are on track toward achieving your goals. You can have clarity on every area of your life and resist stress so that you can calmly shine your light.

    • Hear what God is saying to you through His Word
    • Act on the Word
    • Be successful and prosperous and
    • Experience great relationships in your life.
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    Fearless Acts of Love

    Access 15 different ways to put love into action with this Fearless Acts of Love Download. Love is powerful. It changes and heals. Love takes you to another level of living, thinking, and acting. You can do these simple and fun things immediately. Then, once accomplished, you will experience less resentment, more peace, more appreciation, a greater sense of meaning in life, and more love in your relationships. Put love into action and feel happier for it, delivered to your inbox immediately!

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    Ultimate Tithing Guide

    The Ultimate Tithing Guide:

    • teaches you that tithing is possible.
    • introduces the ins and outs of tithing in a way that makes sense.
    • offers a strategy to create the habit of tithing, even if your budget is in the red.
    • presents a step-by-step process that will help you remain faithful in tithing.
    • helps you discover that tithing is not about money but obedience.


    • equips you to create a lifestyle of putting faith into action and reaping the benefits.